Asia Strategy


The Avenue Asia Strategy seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns primarily by investing in the distressed debt and undervalued securities of Asian companies. The Avenue Asia Strategy seeks to be opportunistic across Asia with a particular focus on developed and developing countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan as well as China, India and Southeast Asia. The firm maintains sourcing and investment professionals throughout five offices in Asia.

The Avenue Asia Strategy generally focuses on:

  • Companies undergoing a restructuring, reorganization or bankruptcy
  • Companies that are operationally sound, but financially troubled due to overleveraged balance sheets, inadequate capitalization or limited access to capital
  • Companies that are undervalued because of discrete extraordinary events or economic conditions
  • Companies being sold for less than their intrinsic value


Avenue’s experienced investment professionals seek undervalued securities or assets being sold at a discount by non-economic sellers, including single assets or concentrated pools of assets. The team leverages its extensive network of local investment, legal and accounting professionals to source and execute investment opportunities, and engages in active portfolio management. In addition to seeking special situations investments, the Avenue Asia Strategy focuses on investments in debt and equity across industries, sectors and geography.

The strategy generally targets:

  • Distressed debt
  • Performing/restructured debt
  • Non-performing loans
  • Viable companies generating positive cash flow
  • Purchases from non-economic sellers

Senior Management Team:

The Avenue Asia Strategy is managed by a team of senior investment professionals who have spent virtually their entire careers in the distressed debt and securities markets. In addition, numerous investment professionals support the senior investment team, most of whom are either local professionals or have worked extensively throughout Asia. The senior management team includes:

Marc LasryChairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Sonia GardnerPresident, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Anil GorthySenior Portfolio Manager - Avenue Asia Strategy