Performing Loans Strategy


The Avenue Performing Loans Strategy seeks attractive rates of return and capital appreciation primarily in first or second lien secured bank loans in leveraged, non-investment grade companies on a levered basis.  The Avenue Performing Loans Strategy will primarily target the United States and, to a lesser extent, Europe.

The Avenue Performing Loans Strategy generally focuses on:

  • Large cap companies with attractive growth prospects with a particular focus on less cyclical sectors
  • Investing at the top of the capital structure with collateral protection and with the use of leverage
  • Being opportunistic across market cycles


Avenue employs a disciplined investment and monitoring process to proactively manage and limit risk exposure.  Avenue intends to focus on fundamental value investing with a goal of generating current income, capital appreciation and portfolio diversification.  The objective is to build and actively manage a portfolio that generates annual returns while minimizing volatility correlated to alternative investments.

The strategy generally targets:

  • Senior Secured First Lien Bank Loans
  • Junior Secured Second Lien Loans
  • Unfunded Revolvers

Senior Management Team:

The Avenue Performing Loans Strategy is managed by a team of senior investment professionals who have spent their entire careers in the leveraged finance and private equity markets. The senior management team includes:

Marc LasryChairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Sonia GardnerPresident, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
William MaierSenior Portfolio Manager – Avenue Performing Loans Strategy
Patric LagerPortfolio Manager – Avenue Performing Loans Strategy