U.S. Strategy


The Avenue U.S. Strategy seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns primarily by focusing on the distressed debt and undervalued securities of U.S. companies. In addition, the Avenue U.S. Strategy may invest in real estate debt or equity.

The Avenue U.S. Strategy generally focuses on:

  • Companies in financial distress or undergoing a turnaround
  • Companies in bankruptcy, reorganization or liquidation
  • Companies that are undervalued because of discrete extraordinary events


Avenue’s experienced investment professionals seek “good companies with bad balance sheets”— firms with sustainable businesses and positive cash flow but whose financial situation is distressed. The investment team conducts extensive research and analysis using Avenue’s top-down/bottom-up approach to find undervalued opportunities and typically seeks to make non-operational control investments in troubled businesses. This provides the strategy maximum trading flexibility and allows Avenue’s investment professionals to focus on pre-investment research and analysis rather than post-investment operating issues.

The strategy generally targets:

  • Distressed securities
  • Bank debt
  • Stressed high yield debt
  • Event-driven situations
  • Restructured and post-reorganization equities
  • Trade claims

Senior Management Team:

The Avenue U.S. Strategy is managed by a team of senior investment professionals who have spent virtually their entire careers in the distressed debt and securities markets.  In addition, numerous investment professionals support the senior investment team.  The senior management team includes:

Marc LasryChairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Sonia GardnerPresident, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Jane CastleSenior Portfolio Manager - Avenue U.S. Strategy
Shawn FoleySenior Portfolio Manager - Avenue U.S. Strategy
Matthew KimbleSenior Portfolio Manager - Avenue U.S. Strategy